Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 31!

I have officially made it a whole month of being a vegetarian! Well.... I guess if you want to be nit-picky I am now a pescatarian, since I had to start eating fish and shrimp in Mexico because they didn't have Anything to get the protein I needed, I almost never found rice or beans while in Mexico... MEXICO! What up with that?! (just had to add that link in, since I kinda love these silly SNL skits.) I still don't really love fish, I never have, though I do like shrimp, but I am not as morally opposed to the way fish are raised as I am to the way cows/chickens/pigs are, because fish don't have the same mental capabilities as the mammals and birds do. Maybe my logic is all wrong and I'm just trying to make myself feel better while eating them, but oh well. Being a pescatarian is still much healthier than eating all that meat and it works for me, plus it's not like I'll be eating fish and shrimp for every meal, it's still maybe once a week, usually less.
I think since this first month of my veggie diet was so easy (I have felt great and normal all month) I will shoot for another month , I'll just continue to see how I feel and I could probably end up staying this way for a long time... but we shall see.


Whitney said...

Yay Maddy!! You're doing so well. I know some very happy pescies, and i'm proud of you. I've been toying with this idea for a while and I love reading your blog for insights:) I love you

Jules said...

Once again, I admire your stick-to-it-ivness. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the work you have put into this post, this helps clear up a few questions I had.